Tender Management System- (n)Procure

Tender Management System is manage tenders of all the Government Departments and Heads of Department, Boards, Corporations of the State Government, Nigams and Societies under the administrative control of the State Government and which are funded by the Government.

Software Feature

  • Tender management as per company wise         
  • Tender wise BOQ Management
  • Auto calculation for Tender below or high
  • Various Type of Remainder
  • Tender Opening
  • Tender download
  • Tender submission
  • Negotiation
  • EMD, SD return after cancel tender

Tender wise bill generation as per Tender norms

  • Release of S.D.R.A.
  • Release of withheld amount        
  • Extention Time limit
  • Proposal of Excess
  • Proposal of Extra Item
  • Submission of Bill
  • Progress of Work
  • Completion of work
  • Represatiotion
  • Negotiation
  • Submission of Tender       
  • Submission of Security Deposit

  • Payment of Final Bill
  • Refund of Earnest Mony Deposit
  • Star Rate/Price escalation Bill
  • Extatantion of Bank Guarantee
  • Submission of FDR/P.B./B.G.
  • Bank Gurantee Renewal
  • Conversin of Security Deposit
  • Conversion of S.D. - Reminder
  • Extending validity of Tender
  • Intimatin for RMS Activities
  • Submission of work progremme

Various Type of Reports

  • Conform Tender Wise       
  • Cancel Tender Wise
  • EMD Refund Tender wise
  • SD Refund Tender Wise