Online Marketing

Website Marketing and SEO

Our Internet marketers are capable to market your site & products. We create brand in specific market and regions, in gender and different age us people you want to attract maintaining the reputation of your company and products or services you cater.
We do this with the help of Social Media to Paid searches. Our approach is consultative and ethical by all means, with optimal performance. This bouquet consists of.

Social Media Marketing

Our team of professionals is well linked in major of Social Media, thus communicating to mass of people around. We put our foot on the ground to draw the eye balls to your products and services We not only initiate and approach clients but also communicate with your target audience. Your money to us, is a penny to the clients that we bring to you.

Website Usability Analysis

Drawing visitors to your business and to convert them to your customers is our goal. We strategize customer acquisition process. SPIKYarc understands your business and accordingly gives you the data of.

  • Number of people visiting your site
  • Quality of those people
  • Region from where they visited your site.     
  • The keywords that they used.
  • Time frame of their visit
  • Reason of their leaving.

Elaborative Research form SPIKYarc entangles user experience factors for your site& Site usability details, which can be worked on, like its Design, Layout patterns, Navigation, Content, Website Downloading time, Demographic Issues, Errors and Broken links, Browser Compatibility check, Higher Bounce rates etc. Our Analysis along with research of your website and it's statistics helps in improvising your website's design, structure and content, thus helping you offer your visitor few extra steps to walk on your site. You get assured of maximum conversation in sales working with SPIKYarc. Our Site Usability Analysis turns your added spent into investment with fast ROI.

Website Marketing and SEO

Thanks to search engines like Google, 90% of the customers land on the website they are looking for. Internet has been boon to the company's and customers and is right now the best media to link both of them. Customers makes the best of the products, services or the company that suits their requirement through net and search engines. They also get all the information and knowledge that they want from search engines.

In this case, your visibility to the clients and the presence on net constantly is of utmost importance. Internet being a galaxy of knowledge, information, companies, product, services, individuals, groups and many more, needs our presence and not a dropped. Half of the internet users searches for "search" more than two times a day. No can afford to remain invisible and make a heavy loss in their business. Despite of this, there are majority of companies that loose their business as they are not in the searched list. Effective SEO of these companies site helps in promoting company, product and their image.

We at SPIKYarc Software Services, can drive maximum traffic to any website coming from the Search Engines. Search Engines are now delivering as many as a million visitors to the searched websites every day. So if you are looking for potential customers, you have to be where they are. You have to be on the Search Engines. You have to be on the top of your keywords' Search Results. You have to be Reachable and Approachable. And for being all that, you have to be Visible!

Thinking how you can do it? Don't worry! That's our job! We make sure that you are Seen when somebody is out looking for you, Heard when somebody wants to listen to you and Found when somebody searches for you and your type of services or products online!

Stop Being Invisible! Get ready to lead every related keyword search! Prepare to be the first to greet your customers! We accept the challenge to get you on top, and make you Stand Out! Are you with us? Our Online Reputation Management modules ensure that everything which is being said about your business online, is monitored, and if any negative information catches our eye, we influence your customers through ethical ways by subtly spreading around positive messages about your business and your products.

With the abundance of untapped information online, monitoring the bad press has become a vital task for all online businesses today. And because most opinions online are considered unbiased, if you have someone speaking bad about you, chances of people believing it are high! But when that happens, we'll be ready on your behalf! Ready to camouflage the bad and incorrect, with the good and honest information about your business, for your audience to see!

Blog Marketing

Marketplace is all about leaving your impressions on your customers. The better they are, the more your customers will stay with you! This is why; companies today are striving to keep on offering their consumers with the latest and the newest, in the form of their products and services and their news and updates! But not many companies know how to reach their consumers with these news and updates each time they innovate and upgrade!

Are you one of them? Then welcome to the world of Blogs and Bloggers!

With Web 2.0, interactions among people are on a high, whether online or offline. Blogs, with their sharing platform and unique feedback option, have today become the id of the game on Web! An ideal tool for word-of-mouth marketing, Blogs equip a business to give up-to-date information to its customers or share product and service related knowledge with them through regular updates. Business Blogs also assist immensely in Brand Building, as they are a perfect platform for demonstrating a company's expertise as well as its business transparency.

At SPIKYarc Software Services, we exploit the power of Blogs! Knowing the importance of unique and entertaining content, we craft natural, yet effective Blog posts. We create content rich Blogs for you, embedding them with a sense of commentary, updates and expert opinions, inspiring your audience to participate. Also, we utilize the potential of RSS and raw XML feed format of a Blog, along with it's characteristics like ping, trackbacks and permalinks. This leads to an instant visibility of your Blog Posts, which helps us to rank your product related Updates higher on the Search Engines and Blog Aggregators, thus allowing their instant accessibility to your consumers.

Today, the success strategy of any business depends on how it connects with its customers, reaches them and provides them with what they are looking for, even before they ask for it! At SPIKYarc Software Services, we create your impressions through your Blog and pass your message around, so that your business grows... Because we know how good it feels when you turn back and see your consumers following your footprints and going your way!