360° Sales CRM System

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Customer relationship management (360° Sales CRM) is a widely implemented strategy for managing a company's interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes.

CRM empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship life-cycle management software for managing organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support & Service Management in a single business system.

CRM helps businesses adopt these strategies through software, leading to better handling of lead generation, customers, support, and business data to improve your decision making.


  • Close more deals in less time
  • Automate your sales activities
  • Sales Stage & Probability Analysis
  • Grow Relationship to uncover new opportunities
  • Monitor new potential within existing accounts
  • Evaluate your Sales & Marketing person performance

Marketing Automation, 360° Sales CRM System Sales Force

Sales Force

Automate your business sales tasks including contact management, information sharing, sales forecast analysing and many more.

Accounts & Contacts, 360° Sales CRM System

Accounts & Contacts

Manage multiple information including account and contact in addition to associated activities, notes, opportunities, quotations and sales.

Calendar, 360° Sales CRM System


With a full calendar at your disposal manage your meetings efficiently.

Price Quotations, 360° Sales CRM System

Price Quotations

Prepare a slick and professional price quote and furnish it in within minutes.

We Based Dashboard, 360° Sales CRM System

Web based Dashboard

Digital dashboards allow company to monitor the contribution of various contractors in their organization. Dashboard could provide you with a detailed report on any follow-ups that are scheduled for that day.

Benefits: Visual presentation of daily follow-ups saves time compared to running multiple reports and increases the ability to make more informed decisions based on the information collected.

Protect Your Data, 360° Sales CRM System

Protect Your Data

In today's world where security is vital Spiky Arc's CRM assures you your customer and prospect data safeguarding, by unifying your information in a secure centralized database.

Integration with Time Keeping Management, 360° Sales CRM System

Integration with ERP (Optional)

Additionally you can integrate your existing ERP software or legacy application containing your data and your processes to the CRM seamlessly

Customization, 360° Sales CRM System


Over and above if your organization needs an even better customized payroll software we are glad to extend our arms for the venture!

Marketing Automation, 360° Sales CRM System

Marketing Automation

Funnel out sales-ready leads from the market prospects helping you grow your revenue faster like never before.

Tasks & Activities, 360° Sales CRM System

Tasks & Activities

Spiky Arc's CRM helps you keep a tab on your tasks and activities to know which are done with and which activities are lagging behind.

Assign Tasks, 360° Sales CRM System

Assign Tasks

Assign Tasks to other employees and send an email notification along with the task details.

Drive Revenue Faster, 360° Sales CRM System

Drive Revenue Faster

Spiky Arc's sales automation tools help you win more sales opportunities with less of your efforts which would in turn generate faster sales that too with efficiency.

Automated Email/SMS Remainder for Tracing & compliances Reports,Labour Productivity Management Software

Automated Email/SMS Remainder for Tracing & compliances Reports

Accurate and effective tracking or reminder system is a useful modern practice. 360° Sales CRM System send tracking and daily required reports & compliances automatically to authorized persons from time to time.

SMS Benefits

  • Access a staff list to identify who's onsite
  • Verify by SMS via manual or auto trigger
  • SMS receivable by any cellular device
  • Real-Time information about who's on/offsite

Email Notifications

Broadcast pre-defined email instructions and notifications alerts to designated people which may include organizational employees or other external people.

SMS Notification

Send out a single SMS (text) or multiple ones to your recipients Omni presently.

Alerts Automated

Email or SMS notifications are accordingly sent out when any triggers we have kept for monitoring is activated.

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